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10 Reasons To Shop Local



Keeping your spending dollars circulating through the local community is important for a number of reasons.  Although the results may not be immediately noticeable, we’re here to let you know that there are some really great benefits for you and your community to keeping things local.  Your buying choices are like a vote each time you spend money, so let your local business owners know that you support them by shopping in their stores, voicing your opinions and letting them know your product preferences.

If that’s not enough encouragement, here are 10 more reasons to shop local.



1. Wealthy Community:  When you spend locally the multiplier effect takes place…  Say what?  Spending money locally generates a lasting impact of economic wealth throughout your community’s local businesses, residents and organizations.



2.  Clean & Green:  Local, independent businesses are typically greener based on the simple fact that they are usually smaller than big box retailers & chains – which means less land, smaller buildings, and less resources.  That’s not the only environmentally beneficial perk!  These types of businesses are often community-focused and volunteer to keep their communities clean & green.  Since they live close to their businesses, they also have shorter commutes, which leads to less air pollution and traffic congestion.  Who knew owning a local business would make you clean, green, environmental machine?



3. Community Building:  Do you know the produce guy’s name in your grocery?  How about the check-out gal at your local pizza shop?  Shopping locally helps to build relationships throughout the community.  These days, many people turn to social media platforms to connect, but there are so many wonderful relationships just waiting to blossom within your own neighborhood.



4. Local Flair: Individually owned businesses are unique in their appearance, but chains or big box stores look the same everywhere.  By supporting local businesses, you are contributing to the uniqueness of the city.  Just like people, there are many types of businesses.  Shouldn’t we celebrate our differences and embrace our unique characteristics?  Life is boring when we’re all the same!



5.  Democracy Reigns:  Locals owning businesses means residents with community roots are involved in important decisions that not only shape our local environment but also our lives.



6. Giving Back:  Do you know that small businesses donate twice as much per sales dollar to local non-profits, events and teams in comparison to big businesses?  Now you do!  It just makes sense that locally owned businesses would be more invested financially in their local communities, be more willing to give back, and donate their time.  By shopping local, you are giving back to your community.



7.  Economy Strength: How much do you spend locally?  (Estimate…)  Now take that number and multiple it by THREE!  That’s the amount of money you are contributing to the local economy when you shop local.  When you shop local, you are returning 50 times more money to the local economy than you would be had you shopped at an online or chain retailer.  Just think how much money we could return to our local economy if we all shopped locally!



8.  Better Options:  When we shop local, we help to shape the product landscape.  By voicing our desires to business owners, it guides them on what the surrounding community needs and wants.  It’s basic supply & demand…  The community wants a particular item, so the supplier stocks it for them.  It doesn’t get more catered than that!  And who wouldn’t want to support a business owner that actually listens and supports the needs of the community?  Speak up to let your local business owners know what you’d appreciate them carrying or services they could offer you think would benefit the surrounding community.



9.  Keep Taxes Low:  Seems unlikely, huh?  But it’s not!  When businesses are centralized and the community shops local, there is less wear and tear on our roads and city wide resources – such as sewage and safety services.  Another perk…  more tax revenue is generated per dollar spent locally vs. chains!  What does this all mean?  More locally owned independent businesses help to keep our taxes lower than they would be without them.



10.  More Opportunities & Jobs:  Local businesses typically support other local businesses, such as farms, wholesalers, accountants, lawyers, printers, etc. by being customers.  Not only do they spend money back into their community businesses, but they also employ more people directly per dollar of revenue!  This combination creates more jobs & opportunities for local entrepreneurs and job seekers.

Source:  American Independent Business Alliance