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Top Time Tracking Apps

Top Time Tracking Software & Cloud-Based Apps

For U.S. and Canadian Businesses

“Good time tracking software pays for itself. Being able to precisely track the time spent on various projects lets you bill your clients accurately and manage your time more efficiently. The time tracking software programs listed here are also easy to learn and use, and include reporting and billing features, features most freeware time tracking software programs don’t have.

As with accounting and tax software, most vendors of time tracking software are moving their products to the cloud and offer online subscription-based services ranging from basic to advanced in features and price (see also The Best Accounting Software for Small Business and Top Tax Software Programs). Most have “try before you buy” options so you can test drive the product.Note that some of products listed include sophisticated time tracking for businesses with employees, including interfaces for time clocks, bio-metric readers, etc. If you are a freelancer/contractor and don’t need the features of dedicated time tracking software note that many accounting software packages (such as FreshBooks) include basic time tracking capabilities.

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      TSheets Time Tracking Software

      TSheets is a cloud-based, comprehensive, time tracking and management system. As well as browser access there are apps for mobile devices and you can also clock in via text messages or dial-up.

      TSheets has an excellent employee tracking system that uses GPS to track and record the locations of employees with mobile devices, which is very handy for contractors who work on remote sites.

      TSheets integrates directly with QuickBooks accounting software – after initial setup, QuickBooks and TSheets can synchronize payroll and accounting information in real time.

      For plans and pricing see the TSheets pricing page

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      uAttend Time and Attendance Cloud-Based Software

      If you are a small business and need to do time tracking of employees, uAttend time and attendance software is a perfect solution. Being cloud-based it does not require desktop software installation.

      Employees can enter data via web browsers, mobile devices, and telephones, or automatically via a variety of uAttend devices, including time clocks, fingerprint readers, and biometric scanning devices.

      The system tracks employee time each day and can also manage vacations, sick days and time off. The job-tracking feature enables logging of the amount of employee time spent on specific projects.

      uAttend has plans starting as low as $18.00 U.S./month for businesses with 1-9 employees. However, there are additional charges for telephone clocking, additional administrators, and extra clock devices.

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      Dovico Timesheet Tracking Software

      This cloud-based professional time tracking software from Dovico has excellent functionality and is inexpensive. The program allows multiple types of time entry, handles multiple projects, lets you create a variety of reports and invoices quickly and easily, and allows data to be exported in a variety of formats. It also integrates well with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Intuit QuickBooks. For those who work internationally, Dovico supports multiple currencies.

      For features and pricing see Dovico plans.

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      BillQuick Time and Billing Software

      BillQuick is a comprehensive time/billing and project management solution suitable for professionals in a variety of industries, including construction, accounting, engineering, information technology, etc. In addition to time tracking and project management, BillQuick includes invoicing and accounts receivable and (in the enterprise version) accounts payable, which includes deposits, vendor bill payment, etc.

      Deployment is very flexible and scalable – data can be entered via desktop apps, browsers or mobile apps on iPhone, Android, or Blackberry devices. A full cloud-based version (BillQuick Online) is also available. BillQuick data can easily be exported to accounting applications such as QuickBooks, and it has over 400 customizable templates for reporting and over 150 invoicing templates.

      For a full list of features and pricing see BillQuick plans.

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      TraxTime Time Tracking Software

      TraxTime is a very inexpensive, desktop PC application that while dated, has a surprising list of features. TraxTime can also handle unlimited projects, and its punch clock metaphor makes it easy to use. And if you like, you can append memos to the time entries. Customized reports can be sent to printers, saved to file or viewed onscreen. The Manager’s Version of this time tracking software, which is slightly more expensive, allows you to maintain a shared project list and create comprehensive reports for several users.

      Unfortunately, TraxTime is not cloud-based or cross-platform, but if you are looking for a very inexpensive PC desktop-based time tracking application, TraxTime may fit the bill.

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      TimeWriter Time Tracking Software

      TimeWriter’s entry screen is a weekly grid which displays one week of hour entries at a single glance, which makes it easy to enter hours worked quickly. This time tracking software program has excellent report functionality, and data can be exported in a variety of formats. Because the time tracking software was designed for workgroups, it has more administrative features than other single-use programs.

      TimeWriter has Windows and Mac OSX clients, as well as a Web client and iPhone and Android apps. There is also a freeware version with a reduced set of features available for personal use.”


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