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Established in 2018, Engage Austin was founded with the goal of helping local Austin businesses thrive.  

Austin faces an unprecedented level of growth and influence from outside organizations.  In order to keep Austin feeling like Austin, we need to keep our core businesses strong and keep revenue in Austin.  Just one of our competitors takes $500K out of our local economy every year. We’re out to change that.

We live in Austin and we love Austin.  By increasing revenue through customer retention we aim to solidify the core of private owned local businesses and keep Austin feeling like Austin for years to come.  Stay loyal, Shop Local, & Engage Austin!

Our Team


BREK TWOMEY – Husband, Musician & Founder of Engage Austin

Spawned from a long line of Austinites, my roots run deep in ol’ Waterloo.  My granddad was a brick mason and built this town with his bare hands. My dad – a master certified coach – spent decades in the community ‘growing people’ to be their best. Now, I’ve returned home to carry on their legacy – brick by brick, person to person, business to business – it’s all for you Austin.


CHRISTALLE BODIFORD – Wife, Artist, Advocate & Creative Director at Engage Austin

Born & raised in the south, I know a thing or two about family & community… Being a part of Brek’s family has given me the opportunity to get to know Austin over the years, and let’s just say – I’m a fan.  I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing & diverse community.  The way Austinites work together is truly inspiring.


My wife and I started this company because we believe in the power of community and we believe in the power of Austin.  Together, we can all win, together we thrive.

– Brek Twomey